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Information about who we are, what we represent on why we started.

We’re a team born out
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A dedicated team aiming to make your life easier in the sun.

KaZa Hogar Inmobiliaria SCP was established in October 2013 as a real estate agency in the north of Fuerteventura. It is our main challenge, to attend to the client individually and professionally to find him his new home and his corner on the quiet island.

We are a multilingual agency with an innovative and young concept to respond to the needs and profiles of foreign clients. At the same time, we are well established and accepted here in the Majorero environment that allows us to have and facilitate contacts with many different people who respect and appreciate our way of working. Our highest priority is to work professionally and treat neighbours with respect and maintain trust in order to operate as a link between foreigners as buyers and residents as sellers.

We also offer an after-sales service with all the necessary procedures, because we consider it essential that the foreign client can communicate their doubts or legal questions in their mother tongue. Especially we are knowing that we handle in situ of the organization, the requirements and every other thing that might arise not only before the transfer of ownership but also later. We are specialized in the terminology that is used both in public bodies, for example in Notaries, Property or Commercial Registries, Town Halls or Technical Offices, as well as in terms of the documentation that must be delivered.

In our extensive file, you will find a variety of properties for everyone’s taste. Both bargains will surprise you and luxury homes with the characteristic colonial style of the island. In addition, we collaborate with a wide spectrum of clients in any type of real estate investment.

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