Kilometres of heavenly white or golden sand beaches with turquoise waters.

The perfect island to come to light on luggage and return home loaded with relaxation and well-being.

For us, the so-called Fortunate Islands, as a location, represent a unique situation in Europe. Politically and economically they are in the European Union, however, geographically its proximity to Africa gives it a temperate climate throughout the year. While the cultural proximity to Latin America influences the soft character of the neighbours.

Thus, in turn, they take advantage of a European legal environment and a mentality influenced by more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

Especially Corralejo as a town has kept its authenticity, away from mass tourism and still with several possibilities in terms of industrial and economic development. As the strongest source, we obviously consider the tourism that increases every year.

Recently, in 2013, Corralejo was chosen by TripAdvisor users as the best “Emerging Destination in Europe”.

As headquarters, we have chosen a place in one of the oldest places in Corralejo that are close to the main street with all its businesses, but still away from the bustle. Furnished and lovingly decorated, creating a welcoming environment for the well-being of our visitors.

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